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Ferrous metal recycling...
        the origin of the business

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Unprecedented recycling depth...
        with E-Waste

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Efficient treatment
        of Shredder Residues

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© Peter Essick

Patented de-pollution of E-Waste...
        the „Smasher“

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Technological developments in
        Non-Ferrous Metal recovery ...

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Printed Circuit Boards
        ....the home of precious metals

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... of non-ferrous heavy metals

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        Aluminium recycling
...... enormous CO2 savings

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Plastic Recycling
        ...... End-of-Waste products


Plastic Recycling
        ...... the last resort

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"The last mile in the forward flow

        is the first mile in the reverse flow"


A Shredder condering the environment

NEWS: „With new Recycling-Ideas to the next success“

NEWS: „It never gets boring!“

Recycling of E-Waste (WEEE)

Recycling of End of Life Vehicle